Thursday, October 07, 2004

Two Americas

Hello, everyone this is my first post. I don't know how it will come out, but please bear with me. We have heard the term "Two Americans" by (unfortunately) my U.S. senator Johnny Boy Edwards (D-NC). I believe that we are changing into two distinct Americas but not based on income but core beliefs.

There is one part of America who believe in the American Dream. These people work hard, pay their taxes, and deeply believe that America is a great country full of opportunity. These citizens represent all incomes, races, religions, and lifestyles. I know that I am part of this group of Americans. I acknowledge that America is not perfect, no country can claim that, however there is no other country where ordinary people can rise from humble beginnings to the highest levels of society. We are the people who do the bulk of the work, create the jobs, and further the great advances in technology. We are anchored by core moral values and a sense of fairness, honesty and integrity. These people are the DOO.

However, there is an increasing number of Americans who fall in the other category. These people corrupt the American dream. They believe that America is a terrible, unfair place that owes them for their suffering. These people do not contribute to America, but they take all of the time. These people misuse and abuse government programs, and still have their hands out for more. These citizens perceive themselves as permanent victims who are due for compensation. They live their lives irresponsibly by having children they cannot afford, committing crimes and then complaining how they are "disenfranchised" when they get out of jail. Anyone who approaches them about becoming responsible adults is quickly rebuked and dismissed. They are coddled by psychobabble and guilty parents. Unfortunately, I believe that these people are the ones who are being recruited in these voter registration drives. These people are the DON'TS.

These people need to be limited in number, they are draining resources away from important aspects of our expanding society such as schools, transportation, defense, and law enforcement. They are only willing to vote for people who will give them more. The Democrats have become the party of the enablers. When did it become the job of the government to make sure your kid has enough to eat, pay for their health care and their college education? Our Social Security system cannot continue to function in its current state. Within a generation, there will be more takers than contributors. Any talk of gradual privitization is seen as "destructive" or "mean-spirited". Our country cannot continue to fund increasing benefits. We cannot tax the DOO
to death. We must practice tough love to the DON'TS. Our country has to survive. The choice to me is clear. Even though both parties cater to the DON'TS, only one party has the core values to implement tough is the GOP. If you do want to continue Two Americans, vote for Kerry/Edwards.. if not vote Bush/Cheney.


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