Thursday, December 02, 2004

Random Thoughts

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I am back online after a brief break. I had to work a great deal in November in order to enjoy December. Uh oh, liberals, I am back. I have some random thoughts...

If Dr. Rice and Colin Powell are stooges and lapdogs for the GOP, why aren't there cartoons depicting Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton as stooges and lapdogs for the Dems?

If Billy Hunter of the NBA Players Union wanted to help the players, why doesn't he go after the lax punishment for Stephen Jackson, who went into the stands unprovoked and started sucker-punching fans? Jackson should have gotten the whole season as well...

Why are the same people who complain about the Patriot Act being evil and rushed through Congress, want the 9/11 intelligence recommendations passed so fast?

Have you noticed how each year Happy Holidays is replacing Merry Christmas as the correct term to use?

Why has the good recent economic news been minimized by the mainstream press? Our economy is doing better than most of the Clinton years...and way better than the Hoover years..

Why do Dems still believe that they didn't get their message out, they got it out loud and clear and it was rejected..

In North Carolina, there will be a runoff election for Agriculture Commissioner, involving only one county where about 4500 votes were miscounted. Why should people who did not vote in this county on Nov. 2nd vote in this runoff? Is this fair?

Why is Mike Moore cleaned up, possible Best Picture lobbying, hmmmm

As a North Carolina Tar Heel alumni and fan, who is going to the Tire Bowl??


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