Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Year, Same Old Story

As we begin a new year, it appears that many liberals continue to live in the past. As we try to move forward into the 21st century, past the civil rights movement, many black leaders are criticizing the newly appointed leader of the Civil Rights Commission, Gerald Reynolds. He acknoweldged the work of the civil right movement in the 1960's, but in an interview with NPR, he mentions the need to move forward. One of his goals is to shift "affirmative action" from being race based to socioeconomically based. Of course, this shift has sent liberals into a tizzy, since this would endanger their livelihood. Most blacks who are qualified can get into the college of their choice. Therefore, it should be more prudent to use resources into getting these students qualified instead of lowering standards. I am not one of those conservatives who do not think that racism does not exist. Racism is a big problem in corporate America. Blacks should seek to develop their own businesses and form an alternate network for young graduates to seek employment. Unfortunately, every minority and ethnic group had to prove themselves in our capitalist society independently. Once the greater corporate world sees the profits and success generated from these businesses, they will be more willing to hire and promote blacks. This system was the same for Jews, Germans, Catholics, Italians, and other ethnic minorities. Fortunately for black Americans, our capitalist society values the green stuff over any color or nationality. This aspect should be the basis of any economic improvement or mobility. One of the most unfortunate consequences of the civil rights movement was the destruction of our economic base and family structure. The spirit of entrepreneurship was squelched by government handouts and promises of set asides. It is up to the post civil rights generation of blacks to take up the mantle and continue forward where our ancestors in the pre civil rights days left off.


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