Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans and Rosa Parks

What does Veteran Day and Rosa Parks have in common? Plenty! My father was a Navy Veteran and my brother was in the Marines during the first Gulf War, so I have first-hand tremendous respect for the brave men and women who wear the uniform. The Islamic fascists are threatening our way of life. The new Iranian president would like to see us destroyed along with Israel. I love our troops and would like for them to press on and ignore the peaceniks and apologists. Keep doing the great job that our President (finally!!) spoke about today!! Because of the forefathers who beat Nazism and Japan during WWII, Mrs. Parks was able to begin the completion of the American civil rights movement. The disconnect between the values that American upholds and protects and the treatment of Blacks in America was fully put on display when Mrs. Parks refused to
give up her seat to a white patron.

However, the completion of the civil rights struggle has given liberal whites to chance to enslave Blacks. Liberal whites pressure Blacks to follow their ideology to the letter after all Blacks owe liberal whites for the Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, and the War on Poverty. Many blacks do not feel like that they cannot express any views contrary to the liberal elite. It is terrible what is happening to Michael Steele. He is running for the vacant Senate seat in Maryland. His photo was doctored to look like a Sambo. He is a Republican and that is a no-no to the elite. Black liberals say that such racist criticism is justified because "party trumps race". Ok, if this is the new rule, then I don't want to ever hear any Black politician to complain in the future of racism if they are criticized. When Jesse Jackson or Rev Al start complaining about racism when criticized, the media should tell them that the new rule is "party trumps race" If we are ever to complete the work of Dr King or Mrs. Parks, Blacks must be able to have various political and economic viewpoints without being called a racist. Blacks are human beings like everyone else, shouldn't our views and ideas be diverse as every other race!

Michelle Malkin inspired to write today based on her appearance on C-span this morning. She looked gorgeous and held her own. You go, girl!


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