Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Real Problem With Race Relations

To quote James Brown in the song The Big Payback, I'm MAD!
There has been so much dishonesty in the days since Hurricane Katrina hit by the mainstream press, it has gotten out of control! Last week, Rep. Charlie "Good Time" Rangel (D-NY) compared President Bush to "Bull" Connor, a racist police commissioner in Alabama who in the 1960's hosed down and sent dogs after civil rights protesters.

Rep. Rangel not only got away with such a preposterous allegation, other race hustlers piled on President Bush as well. Rev. Al Sharpton added that "we've gone to fire hoses to levees". Rep Major Owens(D-NY) agreed that Rep. Rangel is "on the right track, this is worse than Bull Connor".
NY City Councilman Charles Barron states that "a KKK without power is not as bad as a George Bush with power." Of course, last week "Screwy Louie" Farrarkhan came through Durham alleging that Bush caused the levee to break deliberately on Blacks.

This type of rhetoric does nothing but push the races further away. The mainstream media has contributed greatly to the increase of the hatefulness of the rhetoric by giving these lunatics a platform without holding them accountable. The press is so eager to see Bush go down, that they are neglecting their basic duties as journalist to check facts. Several articles in the last couple of days, reveal the estimates of deaths, murders, and rapes have been greatly exaggerated. The media did not bother to check facts initially because the scenes from New Orleans fit their mindset perfectly. Look at all of the poor, helpless Blacks and racist Bush is not helping them. I do not believe that white liberals or black race-baiters truly do not want racial problems resolved. These groups perpetuate the worst stereotypes and hateful speech to continue to antagonize racial groups. If you try to have a honest discussion with these people about race, they are not willing to admit to any responsibility of the problems on their end. For example, we hear every day how the events in New Orleans revealed to Americans the world of poverty and racial injustice. These people did not become poor overnight or in the last five years. Why isn't the previous administration taking any blame or hits for their conditions? Wasn't the Clinton years the greatest economic time in our nation's history? Why did it skip over these people? Also, the city of New Orleans has been led by Blacks for the last thirty years. How can racism be the reason for these people conditions when the mayor, city council, police chiefs, school administrators, have been mostly black? Are Ray Nagin, Ernest and Mark Morial, Bull Connors as well? Remember, the black mayor did not follow the city and state evacution plans. The black mayor did not get the buses to get the poor people out! The Democratic white female governor kept water and food from going to the Superdome. The Democratic white female governor failed to bring in the military sooner as the city went out of control. The black police chief failed to protect citizens and business from the looters as police officers themselves participated in the looting or did not show up to work. It is amazing to see all of these Bull Connors and none of them look like a white male Republican!

We have made much progress in race relations in the last fifty years. The progress made in this country is unprecendented. Everyday, people as individuals are making even greater strides as seen in the increase in interracial relationships, the upward mobility of non-whites in various fields. However, there is still work to be done. We need to get to a point where people are judged on their content of character, not their skin color. There are still too many arenas, especially in the labor force, where people's full potential is not realized because of racial prejudice. We should not have lower expectations for any citizen of this country regardless of their race or socioeconomic background.
I don't believe that throwing more federal money at the people of New Orleans will solve anything. However, I am a realist. I believe that there will be too much political pressure to give a blank check to New Orleans. We need to ask the race hustlers and white liberals, before we pour all of this federal money in New Orleans, are you going to hold the government officials and citizens accountable? We need to make sure that this money gets to the citizens, not bureaucrats. Will you rebuild the schools to include school choice, merit pay for teachers, no tenure for teachers, and tough discipline for students? When you rebuild the homes, will you establish time limits to obtain work, rent to own programs, strong police action to cut down the immense crime? As the families return, are you willing to crack down on deadbeat parents, and have programs endorsing abstinence, chastity, and marriage?Unfortunately, most libs and hustlers are not willing to have this debate. They rather call people names and blame whites for all of their problems.


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