Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get out and Vote!

Today is the day! This is the day where the citizens hold the power and get to be heard. I would advise anyone not to squander it. Too many people have sacrificed for you to get and maintain the right to vote. We have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan defending it. Don't let these people down! I am getting ready to vote in about another hour. Since I am a political junkie, today is like Christmas to me. I look forward to following the results online, listening to the various pundits. I hope that Chris Matthews, Katie Couric and Georgie Klintopoulous have down faces after midnight tonite. As I said before, I have problems with the GOP, but it beats the alternative. Do not let the MSM convince you that your vote is not needed. We need everyone today! If you don't vote today, I don't want to read about you blogging about how terrible everything is tommorrow. It is put up or shut up time.

Of course, being from Durham, I am looking forward to the DA race. As I have already posted, look for Nifong to keep his job. Mr Nifong has not spent any money on TV or radio because he knows that he has this election in the bag. It is simple math. He knows he has 90-95% of the black vote, in this county that is about 50-60% of the total vote depending on turnout. He also has some white liberal friends who continue to support him. The anti-Nifong vote is split. Congratulations, Mr Nifong, you get to continue your incompetence! I hope that I will be proven wrong, but I doubt it.

Some bloggers have already posted election views. I will comment throughout the day.


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