Thursday, August 10, 2006

Way to go, Joe!

Senator Joseph Liberman may have given the GOP the biggest gift of the decade by losing his primary. Now, that old Joe has to go at it alone, he will help expose the silliness of putting Dems back in power. His stand on the war on terror will contrast with the "cut and run" liberals who run the Dems now. The times are too dangerous to hand the keys over to the "blame America" first crowd. We are facing continuing threats from al-Queida, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, North Korea, and China. No time for Bozos. If we do not stop these threats, our way of life will be greatly harmed. The GOP must play the national security card, it is their strength, and it is one of the few differences between the Dems and the GOP. All I have to say is go Joe, go!!!


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