Friday, September 01, 2006

A New "Race" Survivor ---Bring It On!

I started to blog about some serious news issue today, but I decided to address a growing crisis in America. I am talking about all of the outcr about the upcoming season of "Survivor" starting on September 14th. One of my "guilty" pleasures is watching some "reality" TV. I have been a big fan of Survivor since its beginning in 2000. I have watched all 12 seasons and I am looking forward to the new one. I like this twist of splitting the tribes into racial groups. This change will quiet the complainers who state that a minority cannot win a reality show because of racism. This time 3/4 of the cast will be ethnic minorities, so whose fault will it be this time if someone doesn't win? Also, they ignore the fact that Vecepia Towery(a black woman) won in season 4.
It will be interesting to see that each of these tribes will have characters in them and how they interact. Also,that viewers will be rooting for or against individuals not races.

I was not really surprised by the media overreaction to the concept. In past seasons, tribes have been divided by sex and age, this is just another gimmick to make the show more interesting. None of the other divisions caused any uproar. Race is the third rail in a lot of our dealings as Americans. Liberals are worried if the show is appropriate and that people's prejudices will be exposed for millions of Americans to see. However, these same liberal media types are quick to show their prejudices against racial groups, religious people, conservatives, and citizens outside of the Northeast, the Beltway, and Hollywood (known as "hicks") every day on the news for millions.

I am tired of political correctness. I believe people should be able to speak freely about what is on their minds. You can have an opinion on what the person has to say, but I would like some honesty in racial discussions. Many times when you have racial forums, whites are often too polite, blacks and Hispanics are too blaming for anything to be accomplished. I believe you learn more with open dialogue than with niceties. The trouble that Senator George Allen has gotten into demonstrates this. I don't see what all he said was very troubling, it probably was impolite, but not troubling. Our course, the mainstream press had a field day with it. The same press omits the comments of Hillary Clinton about Indians (the South Asian ones), Sen Byrd about being a "white nigger", or Sen Biden's comments. I guess it depends on what political party you belong to. I don't think anyone should have to apologize for their comments. People should just view what they say and weigh their opinions accordingly. So, I hope this season of Survivor is interesting and entertaining, but do not expect it to solve racial problems, it is only a stupid reality show!

P.S. I don't really care for Ray Nagin, but New York you do have a hole in the ground! Do something about it, instead of moaning and crying!


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