Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Duke Rape Case - My Take Update

Like I said in my previous post, I am re-evaluating my take on the Duke rape case. It has been a couple of months, a lot more "evidence" has been released and one more student has been charged.

I can admit that this case doesn't look good for the DA. There are too many inconsistencies with the accuser's story about the timeline and the identification/number of attackers. Unfortunately, the DA went so far out on a limb for this case, he feels that he cannot reverse course. I believe this is a mistake. While the activists and many Blacks will be upset, I think in the end people want justice to be done. I live in Durham, and I cannot speak for all Blacks here, but it seems that there has been a shift in opinion. Not many Blacks are vehemently defending the accuser like it was back in May. There are rumbles among some people that we have been conned, another Tawanna Brawley. I think the DA is trying to be PC, but he is overestimating the outcry among the activists. Maybe some people have reconsidered their positions, like myself.

I still believe that the DA's best exit strategy would be to convince the accuser not to pursue the case, so it can be dropped. Then, Mr Nifong can go out and say that he could not continue without the accuser and go forward without the outcry. In the end, I believe that this is what will happen. I don't regret voting for Mr. Nifong. He has served the DA's office well for over 27 years. I think he got swept up in the hype of a high profile case and he starting to pursue and mimic what the MSM/activists wanted, not the facts of the case. I will probably vote for him again in November. While I personally know Mr Cheek (his opponent) and I believe that he is a good attorney, he doesn't have any experience as a criminal attorney. We have too many problems with crime in Durham to turn it over to an inexperienced DA. Anyway, La Shawn has some good points about the case as usual, so check her out!


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