Thursday, December 01, 2005

Finally, the GOP strikes back!

Supporters of the war have been waiting for months for the President and the military to defend themselves vigorously. Too bad that President Bush did not do this speech on prime time. Every American needed to hear that speech. The truth is that the Bush administeration failed miserably to educate and re-educate the American people about the rationale, progress of the war of terror. The Dems response is more of the same, we need to withdraw, but now they are saying they did not want a fixed timetable. Liars! That is all what we have heard for the past 4 months. The coward Rep. Murtha wants us out yesterday. The Dems are simply cowards. They want us out of Iraq, but they do not propose anything to stop the war on terror, or how to we get out of the Middle East. I like that the House GOP called their bluff last week, when only 3 of the libs voted for an immediate withdrawal. The Bush people need to keep this up, so that we as Americans would not go complacent and that the foolish rhetoric of the Looney Left can be answered.


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