Monday, January 16, 2006

Reflections on MLK Day

I am just doing my yearly review on race today. The problem today with the Black community is the extreme lack of honesty on the part of leaders. I think that more people every year are starting to realize that many of the problems are self-inflicted. We get the civil wronged
leaders every year who blame Whites, the government for all of the problems which Blacks face. Unfortunately, none of these problems never get resolved. The truth is that many of these leaders do not want these problems solved, they would lose money and influence. These are a few solutions in my view to reverse the negative trends in the Black community. Again, these problems are not unique to Blacks, but these problems must be abated in order for our country to move on past race.

1. Recapture the importance of religion and morality. The irony in the Black community is that in many areas there is a church at every corner. Yet, some of the most violent, destructive, immoral acts occur in walking distance of these churches. Obviously, our churches are failing to influence the neighborhoods. Many times we want to have a closed salvation for us Christians. As long as we are saved, it doesn't matter that all of the people around us are sinning. Evangelism begins at home. If our pastors and other church members cannot lead the people who need salvation the most, what does that say about our faith? Marriage must be emphasized not ridiculed. Intact families with a mother and father must become a priority. Violence and death do not need to be glamourized but condemned. Hip-hop culture has further eroded our weakening moral state. Individuals choose to rob, steal, murder, use drugs, be promiscious, leave their families, the Klan and George Bush do not have anything to do with this.

2. Take advantage of being an American. The worst thing that occurs in the Black community is the constant trashing of America. This mentality is emphasized in the educational system, mass media, and of course college campuses. People need to find ways to become a part of the American economy, not spectators. This is the lesson which other ethnic groups have learned. Sure, there will always be people who do not like you because you are fill in the blank.
There will be people who will not hire or promote you because you are fill in the blank. However, there is so much opportunity in this country, you can find your way around it. We need to emphasize the importance of being employable. Finish high school, obtain a marketable skill (which is not necessarily the college route), and become an asset in whatever field you choose to pursue. No job is too low to take, get working! The free market system is the best friend for any American who is starting at the bottom. If you find something you can do better than anyone else, you can achieve great things. If you lived in a socialist nation, you place in life is set by someone else no matter hard you try. Blacks need to fight for things that promote economic freedom: free trade, quality education through the use of school vouchers, no living wage laws, and tort reform.

These are just two suggestions to enable Blacks to fulfill Dr King's dream. If we do these things, then we can focus on becoming an even greater nation. We can shout "Free At Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, We Are Free At Last!!!!"

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