Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tookie Watch/Stupid Liberals

Too bad that bleeding heart liberals do not exhibit the same compassion toward the victims of violent crimes as the perps. If you are someone who is anti death penalty, why do you use a merciless thug as your poster boy? That is nice that he wrote some children's books. Only God and Jesus will be the judge if he is truly reformed. However, when you take a life in cold blood, the punishment is death. We must value human life, there is no bigger crime than to take a human life except in self-defense. I wonder how many of these Hollywood liberals would be marching if it was their own family member or a Hollywood star. Also, why is there all of this excitement about the 1,000 murderer executed. Why does 1,000 mean more than 500, or 688 or 8? I know why. The liberal media believes that they can get more Americans to share their point of view if you put a concrete number in front of them. Then the media hypes up the number as the worst thing that every could happen. Remember, 2,000 solidiers dead, 4 million people with AIDS, it is the same thing. Funny, we never hear the numbers of children killed in abortions. Michelle Malkin has the scoop of Tookie. I will continue my Tookie watch. I don't agree with those who are selling "Fry Tookie" T-shirts. I think that out of respect for the victims, we should not make a mockery of a tragic event. The taking of a human live is a terrible thing, even to people who deserve it.


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