Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Negative Nagin

Nagin has done it again! Having already blamed Bush, Gov. Blanco, and FEMA for the disaster in New Orleans, the mayor has found someone else to play the blame game with: God! Yesterday, at a MLK celebration, Mr Nagin asserted that the hurricanes showed that God was mad at America and at Black America too because "we are not taking care of ourselves". It is distressing that this mayor could still be in office after the Katrina disaster. I am tired of Democratic "leaders" making such outrageous statements before predominantly Black audiences. These liberals believe that they can say anything and Blacks will accept it as the gospel. Hillary can call House GOPers people who run a "plantation" without any challenge. The libs think very little about the intellect of their Black followers. They constantly lie, exaggerate, and belittle Black audiences because libs believe that Blacks do not have the common sense to know what is the truth. Black audiences need to hold these people accountable, was it God or a lack of planning by you, Mr Nagin that worsened the Katrina disaster? Mrs. Clinton, is it your party's defense against vouchers that keep Blacks on the plantation?! Anyway, I think because of talk radio, blogs and Fox News at least Mayor Nagin is being called to the carpet. Any luck with Mrs. Clinton?


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