Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dear Mr Nifong

An open letter to our current, bumbling DA in Durham

Dear Mr Nifong,
I am writing you on the behalf of a new organization, Concerned Black Citizens Of Durham, about your performance as District Attorney for our fair-weathered city of Durham. Ok, I am the only member of this organization, but has that stopped anyone before?! Anyway, I am requesting on the behalf of my organization and other citizens of Durham that you immediately tender your resignation.

My group initially tried to give you the benefit of the doubt in the Duke lacrosse rape case. We waited patiently for the DNA results to come back indicating a Duke player as a suspect. After all, you told us that the players were a bunch of hooligans. At NCCU, you told us that you were certain that a rape took place. You implied that there was no way that a little black girl would be attacked by some rich elitist white boys and get away with it. Even after the first round of DNA test failed to match a player, we gave you more time to complete your investigation and to perform another round of tests by voting for you in the primary.

When the three players were indicted, our group was uncomfortable with the fact that one of the accused had a strong alibi of their whereabouts during the supposed attack. We were also disturbed by the kid glove treatment the other stripper received on previous charges. Over the summer and fall, we learned that the accusing stripper went back to work a few days later, that you as the lead prosecutor never talked to the accuser. The accuser was never administered a lie detector test. And the biggest thing, you hid evidence that helped the defense! Our group did not vote for you in the general election. Unfortunately, our choice fell a few hundred votes short (thanks Steve Monks)!

Now you are under investigation from the state Board for ethics violations. You were forced to give the case to a special prosecutor. Our group feels that we cannot trust you anymore. We fear the outcome of any case in which a citizen prosecuted by you who does not have the resources to fight you like the lacrosse players. The latest Duke rape case is a good example. Is the accused in this case treated like the lacrosse players? Is this a make-up case to get back in good graces with the Duke community? Will the victim be treated better or worse than the lacrosse accuser? All of these questions should not arise in any future criminal case involving Duke students. The only way to ensure this is for you to tender your resignation. Do not continue to drag the city in this quagmire just for your own ego. Our own governor even wants you out. You won your little election, just step down now! The city will be able to go on. The justice system in Durham would operate without this lingering cloud of suspicion. Do the right thing for yourself and Durham, resign effective today!

Thank you,
Concerned Black Citizens


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