Monday, June 18, 2007

Nifong Turns In Notice, What is Next for Durham?

Well, Mr Nifong has finally turned in his notice this morning. Mr Nifong could have spared us the cost and time of a hearing, by dismissing the case last summer and resigning.

Now the bigger picture is how will Durham react in the aftermath? While I cannot speak for everyone, I believe the town will go on divided by race. Whites will continue to press for any criminal charges and civil lawsuits against Nifong. I think that many Blacks want to see this saga over with and some will voice this opinion. The government officials are already trying to cover their backsides with investigations and panels. The next cycle of local elections will be interesting. How will current mayor Bill Bell fair? I believe that Duke lacrosse supporters will try to engine his defeat. Even though, the mayor did not say anything directly in support of the accuser, he had the unfortunate luck of sitting beside Nifong at the infamous NCCU forum following the first DNA results. He never called for Nifong's resignation. His calls to investigate the Durham police only came after the state Attorney General's report clearing the players when it was clear that the lineup and the flyers were illegal.

The big test for the city will be when another high profile case occurs where the accused are black and the accuser is white and their is reasonable doubt on the behalf of the accused. But this is Durham, almost everything around here is determined by race, it will sadly be business as usual.
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