Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jena Six Day Today!

As finally noted by the mainstream press, thousands of Blacks descended upon the infamous little town in Louisana known as Jena. Protestors arrived to express their outrage concerning the harsh treatment of six black teenagers who beat up a white teenager last December. The racial violence came about from the attempt of black students at Jena High School to integrate a tree on campus used as a gathering place for white students. A series of nooses were hung by the tree after blacks tried to gather around the tree. Many fights occurred in the aftermath, with white students being charged with misdeamonors or not being charged at all. The black teenagers were initially charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to attempt murder. However, many of these charges have been dropped or reduced. The one student who was convicted had his sentence thrown out by a higher court last week. Why are people protesting? The DA overreached in this case. The charges against the black teenagers were unusually harsh, but none of the whites have been charged with felonies. I usually don't agree with the race pimps Sharpton and Jackson, but they are right about this one.

There seems to be a flurry of overzealous prosecutors lately. The case of Genarlow Wilson in Atlanta, the Duke lacrosse case, and the James Johnson case. I hope that people do not forget the James Johnson case. This case has not caught the attention of the national press or the blogosphere, but it is a far worse case of injustice. I have written a previous post on the case and his trial has been continued to Sept 24th. I plan on going to the trial on Monday and I will blog about it later. Please keep this young man in your prayers. He has been in jail under $1 million dollar bond for 3 years. The killer/rapist is in jail under a life sentence. He not only confessed to the crime but he exonerated Mr Johnson, yet Mr Johnson is still in jail. The worse thing about these cases is that they will continue to inflame the racial rifts that we have in America. Racists on each side will use these cases to sustain their biogotry. We must pray that we can continue to rise up as a nation, and give every citizen equal access under the law.

John McWhorter has a interesting take on Jena Six.


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