Monday, January 14, 2008

Barack vs Hillary: Race Wars

I am certainly not endorsing either candidate, but I have been greatly amused by the ongoing battle between Sens. Obama and Clinton. I find it delightful that the Clintons have fallen victim to one of the left wing media's greatest weapons the race card. The mainstream media have taken bits and pieces of comments by Bill and Hill and their stooges over the last week and made them into racial epithets. The liberal press usually performs this tactic to Republicans and conservatives. We have seen this tactic used against Trent Lott, George Allen, and numerous other Republicans. The media takes a piece of a statement, twist it into appearing racist and run with it. I am no supporter of the Clintons, but I agree that both of their statements were taken out of context and the pro-Obama, anti-Clinton elements of the media ran with it.

This controversy is so amusing because the Clintons are masters of using this tactic against their opposition, now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. The mistake that the Clintons are making is that their surrogates are keeping the story alive. BET founder Robert Johnson made reference to Obama's admitted drug use at a Clinton rally Sunday. Last night, when Obama and Clinton declared a truce, old Charlie Rangel (D-NY) stated how he thought that Obama's remark about Hillary's MLK comment was "absolutely stupid." Look for this issue to continue through tonight's debate. This issue is dividing the party and giving the GOP good ammunition to use in the fall. Keep fighting Dems!


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