Friday, February 26, 2010

Anita Baker Avoids Jail

I am back! I will be blogging on a regular basis now through the rest of the year. My first post is about one of my favorite singers of all time. I cannot believe that Anita Baker is being forced to give half of her royalties to her ex-husband for albums made during their 20 year marriage. Did he write anything, sing in the studio, go on stage with her? Their kids are basically grown and she should pay to support them, but I think that this guy needs to get a job and stop draining Ms. Baker. However, if she signed an agreement as part of their divorce to give him half, I guess the courts will force her to cough off the dough. It is a shame that they could not work out a 20 year marriage. It would have been definitely cheaper for her to keep him.


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