Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Advice For McCain tonight

This is the last debate tonight. I hope that McCain will save himself tonight by asking Sen. Obama these few questions. The moderator will never ask these:

1) Senator Obama, you always state that is wrong to question your character. However, you are seeking the most powerful position in the world. The voters will be paying your salary, so you should be held accountable. Regarding William Ayers, can you explain why your story about your relationship with him has changed constantly? Also, I am guessing that you stand with me in attacking terrorism. Why have you not condemned Ayers when he made those unrepentant remarks after 9/11/2001? Why wait when you are in the midst of a presidental run? Why did you not separate yourself from him after 2001?

2) We are facing tough economic times. We have learned from previous history that when we raise taxes and increase protectionism during recessions that they may become depressions. Explain to the American people, why you support tax increases and changes to previous free trade agreements? No waffling!

3) In this current financial crisis, there are plenty of culprits to blame. Will you hold those accountable in seeking criminal charges and removal from committees and various posts? Will you be able to seek the investigation of the role of Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank in the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae debacle? Will you seek their removal from their chair positions upon winning the White House? Will you seek charges on your advisors Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines? Will you force these CEO's to repay the American taxpayer or provide funding for displaced workers? No waffling!

4) Let's get back to associations. In March, you said that you could not disown Rev Wright anymore than your grandmother. After a series of speeches, you disowned him. However, Rev Wright did not say anything different than what was captured in the initial loop of sermons which you commented on earlier. Was this disowning just part of a political game? I find it hard to believe as many Americans that you did not hear about these inflammatory topics from other members of your church through the years. Can you explain how you or your wife could go to a church for 20 years and never hear anything about these comments from anyone?

I would conclude with this statement:

My fellow Americans, in less than 3 weeks you will be asked to make an important choice on the future of our country. Sen Obama believes that the same government that cannot get your packages shipped overnight will be able to provide you first class healthcare. He believes that raising taxes during an economic downturn will help you. He believes a premature withdrawal from Iraq will make you safer. He refuses to acknowledge his strong associations with radical left wingers. He refuses to go after members of his own party who helped to contribute to this mortgage meltdown. I believe in you America. I will keep your taxes low, cut out government waste, and go after these fools in both parties who caused this financial mess. I will promote innovation in energy and health care. My opponent will stifle it. I will go after our enemies until the job is done and protect our troops. We have a distinct choice. We can implement policies to retain our greatness and freedoms or we can let government take over every aspect of our lives. The choice is yours America. Thank You.


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