Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Party Is Almost Over for McCain

Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama on Sunday. While many of the right has criticized his announcement, I think the GOP needs to take notice of this announcement. The GOP needs to get back to basic conservatism: family values, economic discipline, and strong military. I disagree with Gen. Powell's views on the Supreme Court, but I agree that the party is getting too narrow. I believe if the GOP gets back on being consistent on these basic principles and relate how those principles better American lives. The problem in this election is the selection of John McCain. I stated in a previous post what he needed to do for the last debate. The first 30 minutes were excellent, he shook Obama up a little bit. However, when as the debate continued, McCain let Obama off the hook. I think the reason is that Sen. McCain is passionate about some conservative issues, but he doesn't care about many others. It is obvious he just tows the party line on issues such as health care and abortion. Obama left so many openings that McCain could have attacked but he did not.

Sadly, the lack of a comprehensive strategy to go after Obama, the economic downturn, and the protection of Obama by the mainstream media has contributed to McCain's woes. I don't believe he can overcome these obstacles in two weeks. I am afraid that Obama will become the next president in 2 weeks. Maybe, McCain can perform another miracle


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