Friday, April 24, 2009

Our New American Hero(ine)!

I am sorry that I have not been blogging the last few months, but I had a lot of issues going on that I may post about someday. Anyway, it is great to be back online. I have missed my blogging cohorts the last few months.

The reason I am posting today is to simply give kudos to Miss Carrie Prejean, the runnerup on the past Miss USA paegant. She inspired me to finally get back online and post. I think it is great how she stood up for her beliefs and did not cave in to political correctness when she was asked that horrendous question by Perez Hilton.

The extreme gay activists who promote same-sex marriage were really revealed this past week. The hatred expressed by Perez Hilton online and on TV shows this week was remarkable. Who peed in his Kool-Aid? I hope that Americans got to see that these activists are the ones who are intolerant, not conservatives. Miss Prejean, with love and respect, stood up for traditional marriage. Mr Hilton went nuts and acted like a complete idiot. He needs to publicly apologize to Miss Prejean.

The truth about same-sex marriage is coming out. The main reason is not about rights as far as inheritance, medical power of attorney, health care benefits. These issues have been mainly solved through legal changes, civil unions, and many companies have expanded their benefits. The goal of same-sex marriage is to legitimize an immoral lifestyle. If you have all of the rights which you complain that you lack, what does a "piece of paper" accomplish? It validates your immorality. If what you are doing is not wrong, why are you guys fighting so hard for the right to marry?

This post is dedicated to our new American hero(ine), Miss Carrie Prejean. You keep fighting, girl!
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