Saturday, March 06, 2010

White Sorority Wins Sprite Step-Off (sort of)

A few weeks ago, there was a national step-show competition in Atlanta. One of the finalists were Zeta Tau Alpha, a predominatly white sorority from the University of Arkansas. For those of you who don't know, stepping is a rhythmic series of stomps and claps used in a dance form. Stepping has been performed by predominantly Black fraternities and sororities for decades. Many times, these organizations will perform step shows, where they promote their group and put down (mostly playfully) the other organizations. Anyway, the white sorority won which caused an uproar with Blacks not only at the competition, but across the country in barber shops, beauty parlors, online chat rooms, and talk radio. Look at the reaction when the winner was announced

I am a fellow Black Greek and I looked at the winners and runners up performances. The Zetas kept it simple and did a little better. However, after the uproar, Sprite, the corporate sponsor of the show, "discovered" judging discrepancies, and awarded first place to both the Zetas and the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority who came in 2nd place.

This scenario sounds like it was ripped out of the TV docudrama of the week. You know the movies where some outsiders (usually someone black) overcomes obstacles and succeeds in an area usually reserved for whites. Later, during the credits, it is pointed out that the achievement had been taken away or minimialized by whites. In this case, it is reversed. If we are truly going to "overcome", we have to accept it will be mutual transitions. As blacks and other minorities continue to break through barriers in fields usually reserved for whites. Whites will do the same things in areas usually reserved for minorities. You can't have it both ways. Applaud people who break down barriers fairly on both sides. The AKA lost a close competition. When I was involved in stepshows, I always thought my frat won too. You just suck it up, and try to win next time. Let's continue to move forward people, not go backwards.


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