Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debating to a Draw

The Friday night fight was conducted by the two candidates last night. Both men moved around and threw some jabs, but most of the fight was highlighted by holding and clinching. I felt that Sen. Obama started off with good shots with the domestic questions. The big question for Sen. McCain is how will he cut spending when he voted for most of these inflated budgets over the last eight years? Sen. Obama avoided stating any programs or policies that we will delay due to the increasing deficit. McCain did not press him on it. As the debate turned to foreign policy, McCain got his groove back. He chided Obama for his lack of support for the surge, his statement on meeting with dictators without preconditions. However, I think that Obama scored some points by pressing McCain on the Bush administration failure to finish the job in Afghanistan. Overall, I think Obama succeeded in looking presidential without making any major gaffes. McCain demonstrated that he knows more about foreign policy,but his answers for domestic problems is still shaky. McCain needs to make a stronger case for continuing tax cuts in a down economy. He needs to show why Obama's plans for increased spending and tax increases will continue the economic slowdown. I rate round one as a draw and looking forward to the next two debates.


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