Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain Ends GOP Convention with some salad

John McCain went through his life story again. After filling the convention with one of those 72 ounce steaks that restaurants dare you to finish, Sen McCain threw in a more balanced meal Thursday night. He had some red meat, but he threw in some veggies and a little bit of dessert to the Dems.

McCain cannot match the speaking ability of his running mate, but he did better with the teleprompters than usual. I believe that the GOP hurt themselves last night. The attacks on Obama were over the top. Any criticism about his stand on issues is fine, but the sarcastic attacks on Obama's work as a community organizer were unfair and strident. The GOP looked like a bunch of rich guys and gals who wrap themselves in the flag and look down on the masses. I think Sen. Obama should be commended for his early work in Chicago. Isn't that what conservatism all about? People at the local level finding solutions to the problems, not looking to Washington for a handout. I certainly do not agree with Sen. Obamas positions, but the mocking of his community work was too much to bear. I am greatly disappointed.


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