Monday, October 06, 2008

Palin Is Trying to Lose Election

The GOP presidential ticket is seeing their numbers going into freefall. As I write this post, the Dow is down 500 points today. What is the strategy for the twin mavericks? Attack Obama's connection with Bill Ayers. The McCain-Palin ticket does not get it. No one cares about that now. People care about losing their jobs, retirement savings, and their homes. Unless, the McCain-Palin ticket can demonstrate that they can get us out of this economic mess, they will lose going away. Palin redeemed herself somewhat during the debate (even though I feel that she lost it). The temporary gains are being fritted away, by this line of attack. It gives Obama the opportunity to play the victim and go on the high road. He can afford to do this since the numbers are trending his way. The McCain-Palin ticket needs to get a handle on the economy and communicate that to voters quick or face a landslide loss.


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