Tuesday, May 06, 2008

primary endorsements!!

Please vote today if you are a citizen in the state of North Carolina. I am giving my endorsements and predictions for today's races. I will only do the contested races for both parties. I can only vote in the Dem race since the GOP in Durham is so weak and pathetic, they don't run any candidates.

U.S. President: I endorse Barack Obama over Billary. We need a change from the Clintons.

Prediction: Obama by 10-12%

NC Governor: I endorse Bev Purdue. Richard Moore has ran a pretty negative campaign. I liked how she pulled her negative ads. Prediction: Purdue by 10-12% GOP: I believe Pat McCrory will win but he will probably be in a runoff.

NC Lt. Governor: I endorse Walter Dalton. I predict that he will win as well. GOP: Robert Pittenger

US Senate: I endorse Kay Hagan. She will also win in a landslide

Durham DA: I endorse Freda Black, but I think it will be a runoff between her and Tracey Cline

Durham School Board: Other two seats unopposed, I endorse Leigh Bordley and I predict her to win

Durham County of Commissioners: Michael Page, Becky Heron, Ellen Reckhow, Josh Parker, and Brenda Howerton. I believe these are your winners as well.

NC Superintendent of Instruction: I endorse Eddie Davis, but June Atkinson will win

State Auditor: I endorse Beth Wood and she will win the primary

State Labor Commissioner: I endorse Robin Anderson, but Mary Donnan will probably win.

Insurance Commissioner: I endore Wayne Goodwin, he will win in a landslide

State Treasurer: I endorse David Young, he will probably win

Court of Appeals: I endorse Jim Wynn and John Tyson, they will both win

If there are any other races, I can't remember them at this late/early hour. Please vote today anyway. Thank you!!


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